Ok, so I’ve been using Monistat Chafe Relieving Gel as a makeup primer for ages. For places like my nose, which has large pores, it’s great. I recently saw a review for the new Maybelline Baby Skin and wondered if it was better. I picked it up in Wal*Mart the other day for about $5.50 and used it today. This is the exact same stuff as the Monistat stuff, for a lot more. As you can see, they look exactly the same when you squeeze them out of the tube and when you spread them. I even put one on one side of my face and the other on the other side and I can’t tell which is which. The 1.5 oz tube of Monistat costs $9, the .67 oz tube of Maybelline Baby Skin is $5.50. This means you pay $6/oz for the Monistat and $8.20/oz for the Maybelline. Stick with the Monistat, y’all.